Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What is going on at Dish!!!

In May I switched over from Charter cable to the Dish in order to get the Pac 12 Networks and so far love  the Hopper and the quality of the picture.  I have gotten at least three of my Pac 12 friends to switch as well.  I have another friend who has been "on the fence" and my current advise to him is to hold off making the jump to the Dish. 

The chief executive officer of Dish, at a recent press conference, said renewing their contract to carry ESPN and/or ABC is not a sure thing with the old contract expiring at the end of September. Right in the middle of the college football season.  In addition, there is at this time no deal with Dish to carry the new Fox Sports 1 which goes on the air August 17. .  In order to get all Pac 12 football and basketball games you need in addition the Pac 12 Networks, ESPN/ABC and Fox Sports 1. 

The Pac 12 is currently making a big push to get their fans to switch from Direct TV that refuses to carry the Pac 12 Networks.  At this time, Dish does not appear to be an option! The Pac 12 could end up in the worst of all worlds with ESPN and Fox Sports 1 on Direct TV and Pac 12 Networks on Dish. 

In addition to Pac 12 games and other sports,  ESPN is the "heart" of collage football with their iconic "Gameday" program on Saturday mornings in the Fall, broadcast live from college campus all over America. All Winter, Spring and Summer I miss getting up to watch ESPN Gameday.
Contract or no contract with Dish, there is nothing I will not do, to be able  to watch this ESPN program.  It would be like missing Christmas or July 4th.

Until a new carriage agreement is made between Dish and ESPN & Fox Sports 1 any college football fan would be a fool to install the Dish!

Dish get it done!


31 of 35 college bowl games are on ESPN including Rose Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Orange Bowl, Sugar Bowl AND the BCS National Championship!

Not likely you say:  See this quote from Charlie Ergen, Dish’s  founder and chairman, on a new agreement with  ESPN if the companies can’t reach a deal:
"Somebody, sometime may decide that sports isn’t something they have to have"

"While they’ll lose customers initially, they will gain customers long term.”

The Dish deal  with ESPN ends the end of September.

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